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Zoom Conference  Video Conferencing Teams Conference ズーム会議 ビデオ会議 チーム会議 ビデオ会議  チーム会議

ZOOM with PC built-in web cameras

Stable, desktop video conferencing system.

Limited to webcam and built-in inputs from PCs, and dependent on ‘screen-sharing’ for special visuals and effects.

Zoom Conference Multicam ズーム会議  Server Connections
Zoom Conference  Video Conferencing Teams Conference ズーム会議 ビデオ会議 チーム会議
Zoom Conference  Video Conferencing Teams Conference ズーム会議 ビデオ会議 チーム会議  ビデオ会議  チーム会議

ZOOM with external video switcher and interface; multiple cameras, on-line games, performances, MC, talents, and other special effects.

The ultimate Zoom event!

Ideal for corporate events, parties, global get-togethers,

incentive meetings, even band performances.

Great for delivering corporate messages to staff around the world. High quality audio is possible.

Simultaneous interpretation in multiple languages can be added, and the event recorded for archiving.

Attendees anywhere can actively participate,

and feel that they are part of a global organisation.

ZOOM servers are situated in Japan,

 and other parts of the world.

Wired internet connections are recommended,

with the bandwidth and speed dependent on the scale of the meeting.

The bilingual team at im5 and its partners can provide you with the following services:

Basic Zoom meeting - local, regional, national.

International Zoom event - from most countries around the world.

Advanced Zoom event - the ultimate event. Due to the complexity, a professional event producer is recommended

Teams Conference Multicam ズーム会議
Web Conference Multicam ズーム会議

Past events have include:

Japan-only executive speeches or corporate ‘Town Hall’ meetings - typically 5-50 on-site and 50-100 online.

International board and focus group meetings at venues in Japan, typically 10-20 attendees online.

Global clinical trial training meetings with 30-50 attendees in Japan, and some key speakers joining from overseas.

International conferences with large groups of attendees at 3-5 sites, and other participants joining from anywhere in the world, typically 150-250 attendees.

Global End of the Year event - with MC, performers, Santa Claus, on-line games, and participants from all over the world and Japan - typically 600-750 attendees.

The equipment used for Zoom usually works with other desktop video-conferencing platforms,

such as Teams, Webex, etc..

Zoom Conference Multicam ズーム会議

Control Room for an Ultimate Zoom Event

Zoom Host Mac Pro

Vision Mixer for 5 cameras

Audio Mixer for 14 microphones and PCs

MacBook Pros for  attendee view

MacBook Pros for PPT and Online Games

MacBook for audio playback of music and performance

MacBook Pros for recording in English and Japanese

MacBook Pro for producer

PC for spotlighting participants and attendees

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