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What we do

The bilingual team at im5 and its partners can provide you with the following services:


Presentations, graphics, movies, cameras, recording, projection, multiscreen, monitors, LED walls (along with rigging), dual/multi-language presentations. 

All computers are equipped with SSDs, PlayBack Pro is available on selected Core i9 MacBook Pros for video playback.

PC operation multilingual video playback switching
multiscreen production FOH AV control event management

Audience Response System (ARS - Polling - Voting)

im5 is one of the pioneers of ARS in Japan, having introduced one that could work with Japanese Kanji characters in 1995, and has great experience with such systems, especially in medicine, and finance.

The current system is iml Click (250 handsets)

Lately, im5 has been working with web-based systems such as Slido and Poll Everywhere, as well as the Polling function in Zoom.

im5 own audience response system operation management question development
slido audience response system operation management question development
poll everywhere audience response system operation management question development
im5 own audience response system operation management question development lumi iml click
Zoom Logo Video Conferencing and Training


Truss, rigging, branding, panel printing, design, construction, labour, electrical works, fabrication, screen printing.

Note: that as an active earthquake zone, few venues are able to offer rigging points, ground-supported structures are more common here.

SIBOS Set and stage building rigging panel construction

Video conferencing and streaming/ webcasting

im5 has its own accounts for Zoom Conferencing - Meetings - Webinars, along with a number BlackMagic WebPresenters for stable streaming. 

The system can also work with Teams, Meetings to Go, Cisco Webex.

Go beyond a simple laptop webcam and explore the multicamera and multicomputer systems that im5 can provide.

im5 can even provide Zoom and Webstreaming Training.

Blackmagic design AV equipment
teams video conferencing support
teams video conferencing support
teams video conferencing support


From small room speaker systems for 10-20 attendees, to concert size sound systems for 5,000+, recording, backline and instruments. 

Everything from compact arrays such as TurboSound or JBL rigs, to Nexo, d&b, JBL full range and line array systems with matching subs.

Consoles are usually Yamaha CL1 and CL5, with RIO units, while other desks are available to order.

nexo speakers full range sub-woofer line array
shure micrphones wired wireless lavalier DPA
yamaha digital audio console CL1 Cl5 RIO

Production and Control

Presentation and computer control, timing systems, communication. 

Never miss a cue, keep to time, manage the presenters. 

Capable of controlling up to 15 computers at the same time.

Timers in different sizes, from 1.2” to 5”.

Nominari presenter cue with variable timing, messaging.

Presentation Control MasterCue Interspace Multiple PCs
Interpace Logo Wireless Presentation Controller Laser Pointer
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Interpreting and Translation

Both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, document translation. 

Working with local partners, specialising in medical and business interpreting; im5 can provide all of the equipment to conduct interpretation in multiple languages, dedicated technicians, along with recording.

English 日本語 - 中国語 - 韓国語

UK Flag English Simultaneous Interpreting Translation
同時通訳と翻訳 日本語英語、韓国語、中国語


LED Uplighting, moving, static and intelligent lighting instruments, controllers, design and operation, gobos, performance lighting

Robot Restaurant Performance at Hotel Lighting Management

Experienced bi-lingual staff

Producers, directors, operators, stage managers, choreographers, designers, production assistants, show-callers and other event personnel. 

People who are committed to make your event a success, who work as a real team, are able to bridge the language and culture gap, and know where the nearest coffee shop and bakeries are.

Global AV technical production team


im5 can provide single and multi-cam services for events, including vision mixers, engineers, recording, editing and broadcast. 

Studio hire, talent interviews, talking heads, panel discussions.

Satellite and fibre-optic transmission from a Tokyo hub is also possible.

Camera studio broadcast event production

Power management

Equipment power, power distribution for laptops and PDAs, power generation (with partners)

C30A power distros, Mini C20 power distros, 6-socket Universal Power Boards, Outdoor (water-resistant cabling) with breaker boxes.

12-socket FOH power boards with USB power.


From small wireless room systems to venue wide WiFi (with partners) with sufficient speed for modern video conferencing and streaming needs

5- 8- 16- 24-port gigabyte hubs, Airport Extreme Bases stations

Wired systems for FOH, Lecterns, Video Conferencing and AV Control

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