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ATEM Mini Extreme switcher video conferencing

May 30, 2022

vMix support is now added to our services, along with our existing Zoom, Teams and OBS.

Two dedicated Zatoc computers, equipped with both hdmi and SDI capture, are configured with the Elgato StreamDeck XL as the controller. 

Video, Audio, Images, even PowerPoint can be managed with the 4k vMix Pro package.

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Oct, 2021

When Zoom cannot look like Zoom!

Produced a Webinar for 5,000+, with local and international presenters, but it cannot look like Zoom.

Utilising the SuperSource and Macros in the ATEM Extreme, we made some P-in-Ps on a custom background, 

and alternated live cameras with a selection of videos inside.

Switching was seamless, videos were played ion both landscape and portrait modes, and the opening video morphed into the background with a small animation.

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May, 2021

comrex BRIC-Link II available

2 channel (send/ receive) audio over IP

Switchboard Traversal Server

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April, 2021

Japanese page available

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Rental Equipment

im5 website screenshot going live

April 2, 2021

New website going live… beta testing now

Finally a complete redesign of the website, the first since 2004!

Dreamweaver has had its day, as you need to have Flash for it to work, so changed to Sparkle.

Zoom Logo video conferencing training
virgin earth japan AV partner

Feb 26, 2021

Zoom Training at the Embassy has been completed, around 20 staff now competent for using Zoom with SI, Polling, Breakout Rooms and other functions. Virgin Earth designed and constructed the studio, with advice from im5. The studio AV upgraded with the addition of an hdmi Matrix switcher, a Wireless Cue for PC control, and an Interspace Audio IO Box for sound.

Already they have conducted around 12 international meetings themselves, and used Live Polling and the Zoom Simultaneous Interpreting Function. 

ATEM Mini Extreme switcher video conferencing
blackmagic design video equipment switchers interfaces convertors

Feb 20, 2021

Blackmagic design ATEM Mini Extreme arrived. 8 inputs, the usual software control and finally two outputs; one is always multiview, while the other can be multiview, preview or programme. Each can be configured with a number of options. 

It can now handle up to 4 P-in-Ps, including side-by-side, 2 USB steaming outputs, and connect with Hyperdecks for control of media.

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Rental Equipment

Rental Equipment - Video

Mac Pro MacBook Pro  MacBook Air 

Asus PCs, Zotac PCs

Roland V800-HD Mk11 V40HD 


BlackMagic Prod Studio 4K 

ATEM Mini ATEM Extreme VideoAssist 4K

Black Magic MultiView VideoHub 

Teranex AV WebPresenter UltraStudio

Hyperdeck Studio 12G Hyperdeck Studio Pro 

hdmi<>SDI audio<>SDI 12G

Decimator hdmi<>SDI Multiview MD-HX 

MD-LX MD-Cross DMON Quad

Projectors 3k 4k Full HD Normal and Short Throw

AV Equipment Audio Video Audience Response System Blackmagic design decimator roland ATEM MasterCue

Rental Equipment - other

TouchMix 30 16 8 Mackie DX16 DX6 

Yamaha DX12

TurboSound ip1000 

Bose 101+ QSC PLD 4.2

Shure Wireless PGX SM58 57 565 

MX 185 MX418 AT841a BSS AR133

Marantz PMD 570 661

Interspace PC Balance Box USB and 3.5mm

Interspace AIO and AIO 3 (Audio In Out), BalBox Tower,

BRIC-Link II Audio to IP

CountDown Touch w/ range of displays

MasterCue 5 6 Micro Cue 2

Elgato StreamDeck Reg and XL 

MicroModul 8 Modul 8 TripleheadToGo

GreenScreen LED Lighting

Audience Response System - iml Click - Slido - Poll Everywhere - 

Large Range of 10” 13” 15” 23” LCD Monitors

Digital Telephone Hybrid Gentner 3200 

JKAudio Innkeeper POTS + IP

360 Systems Instant Replay Audio Sampler

Power Distribution w/ 6-outlet Universal Sockets

Range of Cabling - HD:SDI DVI   hmdi   hdmi-over-fibre

Range of adaptors - Thunderbolt Lightning Mini DP  DP VGA

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