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I talk, you listen .. .. .. we interact, you remember!


How was the last event you attended? Did the audience keep their attention on the topic? Where the participants asleep in their chairs? Did the speaker ignore the questions from the audience? Did you know anything about the attendees? Where any decisions made? Did the organisers achieve their goals and objectives? Did the particpants walk out of the room grumbling about not being consulted? Did the presentation have any influence on the participants?

For your next event or meeting, consider using an interactive audience response system

Increase the effectivess of your event or meeting with real two-way communication.

Empower the audience to to get the most out of the speaker, and vice-versa!  
Learn when to use the system, and how to make the most out of it's use.  
Powerful, interactive, audience response system, to bring your meeting to life.  

Ensure involvement, enjoyment, motivation and retention of information.

Complete programme development and operation management, from question preparation and design to follow-up programmes and audience evaluation; audio-visual event management to speaker briefings and strategic integration into your corporate programme.

Memory Mode  

Contact us for further information on how im5 can help you to hold the audiences' attention in a dynamic and lively meeting, obtain demographic and psychographic profiles in market research, make exhibitions more interesting, obtain consensus/ enable decisions in management, and ensure that training is educational and fun.

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