im5 Services


Integration into Strategic Programme

Events and Market Research are part of your overall strategic planning and operations, and should be integrated into it. im5's experience in ARS methodology can ensure smooth integration.

Programme Development and Question Development
Too long a question can slow a meeting down, while insufficient choices can limit the expression of opinion. Let im5 work with you to find the best choice, and enable you to achieve your goals and objectives. Existing multimedia materials such as video or CD-ROM based material can have add-on question packages developed, or a lare training programme can be prepared with the questions.
Question Design and Graphics
Single choice, multiple choice, vote, before/ after, cross tabulation. Each has their place in the programme, and im5 can advise on the selection. Company logos can be included, as well as corporate colour schemes to match other elements of the event, as well as audio, video and other graphic elements.
Speaker and Moderator Explanations
The best system in the world is no use if the users do not understand how it works. im5 can work with your speakers and moderators to explain the system, develop questions, and formulate a range of responses. With open, realtime questions to audiences, unexpected responses occasionally occur, and the speaker and moderator must be able to handle them confidently.
Staff briefings
Client and venue staff should be awar of the technology used, and be able to answer any attendees question. im5 can offer pre-meeting briefings and demonstrations, to ensure that their is client "buy-in" and full understanding.

Integration with audio, video and computer presentations

Audience response systems are used most frequently with computer presentations and multimedia. im5 has a range of equipment for hire to support such needs, such as matrix switchers, scan converters, audio mixers, LCD monitors and computer peripherals. Other equipment can be obtained from their business partners in Japan. Audio, video and graphic elements can be added in-house.
Event planning, operation and management
im5 can handle all aspects of the event operation, including video, audio, lighting, and PC operation. A selection of specialist equipment is held to enable smooth integration. im5 has experience of working in many venues and locations all over Japan and abroad, from small workshops to product launches; medical consensus guideline meetings to car performance evaluations; public environmental hearings to nurse care training.

Post-event report and analysis

Audience responses may be individual, grouped or anonymous. After the event is finished, a detailed report of the response recorded by each keypad is generated, along with the statistical analysis, as well as a copy the presentation files. This provides invaluable micromarketing and market research data.
Presentation Training

Creating. Designing. Delivering. Producing. im5 offers bespoke presentation services and presentation delivery training, using either PC projection or 35 mm colour slides. Organisation, content, layout, design, introduction and conclusion, handling questions and follow-up are all covered in im5's customised Presentation Training Course.

Special emphasis on the use of interactive Audience Response Systems to ensure that the Message is Received and Understood.

Database Development
Using FileMakerPro, im5 develops and produces customised databases for sharing product information, journals or scientific publications and customer data in the clients company. Available for Macintosh or Windows platforms as database files, web-based solutions or stand-alone applications for distribution on CD-ROM, im5 designs and produces these with the client.