Who should use the system?

Medical Events and Education

Analysing complex clinical data and sharing opinion are the keys to successful medical events and education, in order to shape medical opinion and gather support. A large amount of data can also be obtained at the same time and used in marketing, sales and further education programmes. From large scientific symposiums to small consesensus workshops, from case studies and patient profiling, the system can be used in many ways.

Marketing and Sales Meetings
Product Updates, Goal Orientated Meetings, Sales Presentations and Workshops can all benefit from interaction with the audience. Post-event analysis enables quantitative evaluation of Goals and Objectives.
Market Research
Data can be obtained individually, by group or anonymously in real-time, and a number of questions can be asked quickly and visually, with almost instant statistical analysis, amalgamation and cross tabulation of opinion.
Multimedia use
Add an interactive element to your Video, CD or DVD based materials, and maximise the use of them. Questions can be integrated or add-on. Questions can also include graphic elements, audio and video.
Obtaining consensus and honest opinion is crucial for management, who must formulate corporate strategy, assign budgets, address key issues and make effective use of resources. The system enables effective decision-making and real-time opinion gathering.


Turn a passive booth or stand into an active exhibition, and learn about the people who visit you. In memory mode, the data is downloaded after the attendee has answered a number of questions. The keypad can even be used in a car!
Product Launches
Complete programme development and operation management, from question preparation and design to follow-up programmes and audience evaluation; audio-visual event management to speaker briefings and strategic integration into your corporate programme.

Micromarketing programmes

The demographic, pyschographic and behaviour data obtained from individual, group or anonymous data gathering can be used by sales and marketing departments in the micromarketing programmes, ensuring the right message is given to the right audience.

Motivation and Quizzes

Learning can be fun, and challenging staff with competitive scoring as individuals or in teams is great for motivation and entertainment.
Anything else If you have an ideas in which you think you could use the interactive system, contact us to discuss your needs!