Polling the audience - 4 easy steps in just few seconds!

1 Place an interactive question on the screen 2 Poll the audience for the answer or opinion 3 Collect the answers 4 Display the results on the screen within seconds!

How it works - simple, but effective!

Keypads on the table, on their chair arm, or at the download site are able to transmit between each other and the transceivers Transceivers placed around the room, collect data and send to the PC

Computer running dedicated software with hardware key. Usually MS PowerPoint with IML Question Wizard OLE






Systems can be hired from 5 keypads for small discussion groups through to 1,000 keypads for large conferences. Typical sizes would be 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500.
Supplied with main and back-up PCs, Power Supply Unit, and choice of output to RGB projector or Video/TV picture.