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Staff and Equipment

im5 Interactive Audience Response System is supplied complete with Audio, Video, and all equipment necessary for complete operation. Personnel include technicians for AV set-up, operators for the Audience Response System, and a project director.
Set-up/ Take down
Sufficient time must be included in the room booking to allow for complete set-up and takedown, as well as testing of the system and briefing to staff, speakers and moderators. im5 will advise on suitable timings, depending on operation requirements. All rooms costs and bookings are the responsibility of the client.
Basic System
Basic system includes main and back-up PCs, antenna, cabling, power supply, system licence and introduction with basic demographic slides. There is a standard charge for the the system, and each keypad used attracts a daily rental cost.

Monitors for speaker, moderator/ chairperson and panellists, Video, DVD and CD players, audio mixers, speakers and amps, cue lamps, event timing tools and speaker warning lights, focusable laser pointers, intercom system.

Please consult us for details of Audio-visual requirements.

Speaker Briefing
im5 can undertake explanation meetings with speakers and chairpersons upon request

Post event report

A copy of the final presentation and the post-event report with details of the individual keypad responses is sent to the client after the event.
Question Development
All questions are prepared and tested before the event, along with 3/4 free warm-up/ demographic questions, e.g. age, sex, location, background. Ad hoc questions may be prepared during or a meeting, or ready-made option questions can be used. There is a charge for each question prepared. im5 can assist and advise on suitable questions.

Keypad charging

As the keypads have to be charged the previous day, delivery to the venue is normally on the previous day, with overnight charging. Accommodation may be required, depending on the venue site and equipment being used.
Other presentations im5 will be able to present other presentations and media in conjunction with the interactive questions, and is able to provide most types of hardware and media, including FD,CD, DVD, MO, Zip, Jaz, Smart Media, Memory Stick, SD Card, Compact Media. Presentations may also be emailed in advance, and are all checked before the event. im5 can also design and prepare presentations into MS-PowerPoint format if supplied with hard copy, with a choice of PC graphics or 35 mm colour slides.
Terms and conditions Terms and conditions is available here: Terms and Conditions.pdf
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