Quizzes and Edutainment @ What better way to learn about a new topic or subject than to make it fun?
Motivate staff and foster team spirit through interactive games, and encourage them to compete for a common goal.
Add questions to any existing video or CD-ROM, and turn a passive viewing into an active, enjoyable experience.

Questions can range over any topic that you like, and include images and photos, video and animated graphics, and even sounds, music and speeches.

Answers can be exact, approximate or weighted, depending on the type of competition and the degree of severity required.

And why not include some fun questions in the middle of your conference or meeting? @ Give your attendees (and speakers!) a break, and refresh their minds!
Scores can be individual or group, and can be displayed at the end of rounds, as well as at the end of the competion. @

Winners can be announced in reverse order, with appropriate fanfare, and answers can be delivered with catchy sound effects.