Step out of the box!

Do not limit yourself to meeting rooms

and conference centres!

Step out of the box!

Take the keypads and wander around an exhibition stand, answering questions from posters, on a pre-arranged route.

Or walk around a shop or boutique, or even a park or garden on a clear day!

When you have completed all the questions, return to a convenient PC and download the answers.

Carry the keypads with you in a car, train or other vehicle, and answer the questions on the spur of the moment.

Record your impressions as they happen, and avoid straining to remember your feelings back in a meeting room afterwards.

For details of how to benefit from this unique feature contact im5.

Each keypad has a capacity of 100 questions, with values of 0-99 for each answer. Responses are clearly seen on the LCD display.
Navigation is simple with dedicated "forward" and "backward" keys, so you can take the questions in any order that you wish.
On return to the meeting room, the keypads can be used straightaway for interactive questions in the "live-mode" without any adjustment.